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LPI Summer Intern at entrance of USRA building

Katie Bell, Imperial College London

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

College undergraduates with at least 50 semester hours of credit interested in pursuing a career in the sciences are eligible. Relevant fields of study include the natural sciences, engineering, computer sciences, and mathematics. Applicants will be considered for appointment without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, handicap status, or other non-merit factors. Selection is based on these criteria: (1) scholarship, curriculum, and experience; (2) career objectives and scientific interest; and (3) match of interest of applicant with available research projects. All online application information must be received at the LPI no later than January 6, 2017. Notification of selection will be made by March 3, 2017. Successful applicants should be prepared to make a decision regarding the offer to participate within two days of notification.

In order to be eligible for the LPI Summer Intern Program, you must qualify. Due to security issues, citizens of U.S. State Department Designated Countries (See link under "ECP Notices" at are not eligible.

Enforcement of the REAL ID Act of 2005
Effective July 21, 2014, NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) is required to begin enforcing a Department of Homeland Security rule that prohibits the LPI from accepting certain states’ driver’s licenses as official document to obtain access at NASA JSC. This rule, passed by Congress as part of the REAL ID ACT of 2005, established minimum standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and prohibits federal agencies from accepting, for official use, licenses and identity cards from states that have not met those standards. Selected candidates from a state whose driver’s license does not meet those standards can use an alternate form of ID, such as a U.S. passport, military ID, U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Card, or Native American tribal document.

The following states and territories are noncompliant: American Samoa, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York.

For more information on the REAL ID Act, please visit the official website of the Department of Homeland Security.

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